Tell your best story.

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Once upon a time …

We all loved to hear a story when we were little. Today, you have your own story to tell, one that’s all about your business or organization. You tell your story every time you communicate with clients, supporters, potential customers, members, vendors and partners.

But are you telling the right story to the right people in the right way? Are your words lively, organized and error-free? Are your graphics consistent and appealing? Is your message focused and appropriate for your audience?

For more than twenty years, Cerebration (formerly Island Communications) has been helping businesses and organizations tell their best stories, clearly and consistently.

How can I help you tell your story?

Good Grammar!

Do you struggle with semicolons? Are you tense about tenses? Get silly about synonyms and apoplectic about apostrophes?

Good Grammar! is here to clear up confusion, break bad habits and help you make a good impression. This occasional series of grammar tips is guaranteed to make you a better writer.

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Cerebration (Sar-ah-BRAY-shun) noun: The act or product of thinking; thought.