The Cerebration Story

“Tell us a story!” said the March Hare.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll


I started Cerebration (originally called Island Communications) in January 1991. I was ready to leave the corporate world at a time when publishing technology had evolved to allow me to provide professional writing and design services—by myself, from my home. In the two decades since then, I’ve seen highs and lows, but I’ve never regretted taking that chance.

You should know a few things about me that I believe set me apart from other designers and writers.

First, I believe that design serves a purpose larger than mere decoration. The look of a printed piece supports its meaning by emphasizing what’s important and guiding the viewer through the message. Design should attract, never distract.

Additionally, I am a stickler for grammar, spelling and punctuation. This means you can be confident that your work will not be diminished by embarrassing errors. (And yes, I just looked up “embarrassing.”)

Finally, because I offer one unified source for writing and graphic design, you are guaranteed a harmony in your communications. I’ll help you convey just the right message with just the right look.

With Cerebration, you can show and tell your best story.

Here’s my story

I have been a professional writer and graphic designer for almost 30 years. I’ve worked as a magazine editor, a technical writer and now as an entrepreneur, doing a little bit of everything. When I started Island Communications in 1991, I used to print out proofs and drive them to clients for approval; now, I have clients I’ve never laid eyes on. Much has changed in the way I work, but I remain dedicated to offering writing and graphic design services that make my clients look their best while telling their best stories.

Sarah Gilligan